List of Top 3 Secret Websites To Make Money Online – Make Up to $100-300 Daily

Make Money Online: Do you know that the secret to making money isn’t about working hard as people always say? What then is the secret of making money? Well the answer to this question is about working SMART.

Finding creative solutions to people’s problems, and it doesn’t take a fancy degree to do that. To get your creative juices flowing, check out these common and not-so-common ways of filing your pockets.

Below this, you’ll also find some websites where you can actually make money from the comfort of your home while your Bank account get popped up. Coupled with some important financial advice as well as some money-making ideas for business.

Thousands of people online are currently into making money online and they are making real money just by browsing websites and and posting articles in a few seconds. It is 100% legitimate and simple that even a 14 year-old child can make money with these websites.

But wait, let me ask you one question…. How much do you make by browsing facbook, Tweeting, or even uploading photos on that your Instagram page?

Do you pay your subscription bill with the results obtained from doing these activities? Well, NO! Certainly – TOO BAD!

Don’t worry, this post has revealed basic steps you need to follow to be among the set of people that makes money online.

Below are 3 Most Important Website were you can make money without limitations.
TopBuzz is an online site that publish trending news, viral videos, funny gifs, and so much more. The articles and videos published on TopBuzz are uploaded by third-party like you and I and commission are payed to the authors each time someone view the article or video. YES! That Simple right? Hell No… This is not TRUE! Well, ABSOLUTELY THIS IS TRUE. You can make more that $100-300 daily depends on your smartness.

How to Register on TopBuzz and Start Earning from the Site
To Register with TopBuZZ visit the link
Sign up with Facebook or twitter to get signup bonus (If you have a facebook fan page you may likely get between $5-100). Hence, it is recommended to build your facebook fan page.
On the sign up page select your preferred payment option.
After successful sign up Click on Publish Post and Write your first article
Share and Relax while your cash start counting.
YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. Videos are uploaded in this site and are monetized. Many people over the years have made huge bucks out of it and millions are still making money out of this. The good side of YouTube is that it is own google site. Google pay publishers who upload videos on YouTube via their channels.

Earnings are been payed once $100 threshold is reached. In addition, you can make more than $100 daily if you build strong engagement by sharing on your social media profiles for your friends and other people to view you videos.

Top 3 Secret Websites To Make Money Online – Make Up to $100-300 Daily
How to Upload Videos on YouTube and Start Making money
Visit YouTube Official Website via
Signup with your gmail email address
Click on create Channel and name your channel to any suitable name you choose.
Click the upload button and upload your first video
Get people to watch your videos then relax and let the ball count!
Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

At fiverr you can market and sell your skills and make money while you turn your passion into profit. There are varieties of things you can do on fiverr ranging from graphic design to animation, writing and data entry, both offline delivery jobs are done on fiverr when hired.

Make Money Online: Top 3 Secret Websites to Make $100-300 Daily
To be part of fiverr all you need to do is create an account, check for available opportunities and bid on them. You can make as high as $100 daily if you are dedicated to your work and services rendered. At Fiverr it is important to keep good reputation in other to get good review from people and get more opportunities for special offers.

Top 3 Secret Websites To Make Money Online – Make Up to $100-300 Daily
How to Make Money Online – Register on Fiverr and Start making money
Firstly Go to Fiverr official website via
Click Sign Up
Follow the Procedure to Create your first campaign
Finally, weather you are a freelancer, full-time employee with a major corporation, a stay at home mom, a university student, or a job-seeker – there are several ways to make money online. Above are few but most important websites you can make money while you seat at home.

You probably may be a full time worker in a corporate organization or a student or maybe you are sitting at home doing nothing. These tips are for you and you can take opportunities of these and start making money online with your fingers crossed and smile to bank on pay day.

This is what I tagged as ‘secret websites’ because not everyone knows that these sites pays. The internet’s constantly cooking up new money-making opportunities, so keep your eyes open!

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How to scape through the first year as an entrepreneurship.

You are scared silly. You’re a nervous wreck. You’re pulsing with adrenaline. You’re making life-changing decisions every other minute. You’re lonely.

Entrepreneurship is a form of self-punishment that few people dare to engage in, and in which few succeed.

Is it possible to emerge from the first-year gauntlet of entrepreneurship unscathed?

Sadly, you’ll emerge battered and bruised, so expect it. But at the same time, you can emerge victorious. Battle scarred, yes, but successful nonetheless.

Here are some life-changing lessons by a United States-based entrepreneur, Nei Patel, learned during his first year of entrepreneurship presented in a report by

Set short-term goals

Among the many great qualities of entrepreneurs is their ability to look at things long term. It’s called vision, and it’s a powerful thing.

You also need to crush your short-term objectives.

We recommend using the scrum methodology to help you manage your work. A more simple approach is to set seven-day goals. As quickly as possible, knock out all the short-term goals that lead you to your long-term vision.

Recruit cheerleaders

If you don’t have a group of people cheering you on, you are going to burn out. One of the only reasons that successful entrepreneurs recovered from a major burnout at an early age was because they absolutely loved their people. They knew that when they walked in that office in the morning, they were going to be energised and encouraged by the people on their team.

It’s so important.

If you are driving at this entrepreneurship thing on your own, you are going to hit rock bottom at some point. Find people — friends, family, teammates, colleagues, beer buddies, classmates, church friends, whoever — and ask them for encouragement.

You are going to need it.

Get organised

One common malady of the entrepreneur is the chaos syndrome. The business is hurtling along so fast, things are breaking, people are complaining, and you cannot find your dang login information for that software!

You need to get organised!

Here are three tips for getting organised as quickly as possible.

Spend time up front to learn and implement organised systems. It will save you thousands of hours in the long term.
Find a system and stick with it. There are plenty of productivity and organisation systems to choose from. Don’t obsess over which one to choose. Simply pick it and run.
Hire someone to help you with organisation. If organisation is not your strength, don’t worry. Hire someone who loves organisation (and does it well) to help you out.
Get help before you need it

One major rookie mistake is not hiring help before you need it.

At some point you must hire help. You may be the most capable DIY-er on the planet, but you can’t build a thriving business without some form of assistance.

You need to hire help before you need to hire help.

Here’s what I mean. If you can anticipate a future need for someone to do something, build something, design something, etc., hire that person as soon as possible.

You will be surprised by how long it takes to find the right person for your start-up. The process of posting jobs, recruiting candidates, and onboarding the new team member is costly and time-consuming.

The sooner you begin the process of hiring help, the faster and better you will be able to maintain your business’s momentum.

Make decisions fast

You don’t have the time or mental energy to waste on long, drawn-out decision making.

Make decisions — even big ones — as quickly as possible. You are going to make some dumb decisions. But a dumb decision is better than indecision.

Remember what George Patton said:

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.

Generally speaking, quick decisions are right decisions. If your decision-making is swift and efficient, you will accelerate your path to growth.

Indecision will stall your business and drive you into the ground. If you make the occasional stupid decision, you’ll at least learn a lesson and keep trucking on.

Get the critics behind you.

If you listen to your naysayers, you will not be able to succeed.

There are going to be haters. Guaranteed.

These are people who, for some reason, don’t have a life and simply want to make someone else’s life as miserable as possible.

These people don’t matter.

If you listen to them, respond to them, deal with them, or otherwise allow yourself to be consumed by them, you are going to go down in flames.

Let the haters spend their time and energy hating you, but you have better things to do.

Pivot, pivot, pivot

Entrepreneurs like to talk about pivoting, so here ww go, using one of those entrepreneurial buzzwords.

What does it mean to pivot? To pivot is to “change direction quickly, but stay grounded in what they’ve learned.” Startups that pivot are startups that survive.

What kind of things need to pivot?

Your vision
Your business model
Your marketing
Your strategy
Your product
Your target customer
Your business is going to change drastically in its first year. Think about how quickly a baby changes during its first twelve months.

Apart from the dirty diapers, your business is kind of the same. Lots of crying. Lots of sleepless nights. And lots of changes!

You might not recognise your year-old business, and that’s because you’re pivoting fast and pivoting often.


Entrepreneurship is tough. There is no way around it.

Most entrepreneurs won’t make it. They will bail early.

However, if you have the right knowledge, stamina, and chutzpah, you will be different. You are going to nail this thing.

Make it through your first year using the tips we have outlined above, and it is a sure thing.

US recognises Nigeria as 7th largest integrated market in the world

William Symington identified Nigeria as the 7th largest integrated market in the world

– The US ambassador to Nigeria described the people as hardworking

– He expressed hope in the future of Nigeria

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, William Symington, says that Nigeria is the seventh largest integrated market in the world, with more endowments than most countries.

Symington made the remark on Monday in Ilorin while delivering the Convocation Lecture at the 34th Convocation Ceremony of the University of Ilorin.

The Lecture was entitled: “Citizen Leadership and the Link between Economic Diversity and Economic Good Governance”.

He observed that with the abundant human and natural resources in the country, “Nigeria has wonderful and incredible beauty”, while urging Nigerians to help the country succeed.

Symington was of the opinion that Nigeria is wonderfully endowed and beautiful, adding that anyone that has traversed the length and breadth of the country would appreciate its beauty.

He added that one of the most beautiful forests can be found in Cross River State, while a trip to Ikogosi Warm Spring and Badagry beach would attest to the beauty and splendour of Nigeria.

According to the envoy, Nigeria, like its citizens were incredibly blessed and gifted.

Symington reiterated that the relationship between Nigeria and the United States is that of good partners with good intention.

“The Nigerian people have the spirit of the country; they are friendly, diverse, resilient and hardworking. I believe in the Nigeria Dream,” he said.

He therefore urged the citizens to be proud of Nigeria irrespective of their tribe or state of origin.

“I believe in Nigeria dream, I have high hope that Nigeria can be great.

“Nigerians should be thinking of what they can do to make Nigeria beautiful and be the giant of the world,” the Ambassador added.

The US envoy described the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), as a very laudable programme of national integration and encouraging a sense of service to the nation.

He, therefore, called on the graduating students to use the opportunity provided by the NYSC in rendering service to the nation.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sulyman Abdulkareem, urged the graduating students to make a positive difference wherever they find themselves.


How To Stop Deing Dependent on Monthly Salary

Everybody needs extra sources of income, but not everyone can have it. In this post I will be showing you how I was able to create – not just one or 2, three sources of income that helped me live the life of my dreams.

Living on your paycheck in this country is similar to driving a car without breaks; when the going gets somehow, just expect to crash. Forget what you’ve heard all the time about working hard; your main source of wealth would only be when you’ve diversified your income.

The question now is “How then can you diversify your income?”

Diversifying your income is similar to creating a side hustle. Just anything that will put more money into your pocket is a welcome idea.

Before we proceed, I will say “Do you know that if you make an extra $10 daily, you will have an extra $310 at the end of the month.

This means that when converted into Naira, you will be 111,600 Naira richer. Who wouldn’t appreciate such an amount of money? Let me show you how to achieve this process.

How to create an extra source of income

Choose a profitable skill

I was speaking to a group of salesmen at Abuja who were selling insurance; I asked them how they make money aside from selling insurance. They said “nothing”

Imagine if they can open up another side hustles from becoming affiliate marketers, which I believe pays more than the insurance they are selling.

There are so many profitable skills out there that can give you the money you deserve. Skills like Web design, web development, affiliate marketing, content writing, etc. All these can fetch you side money if you know exactly how to utilize the skills.

Know how to Monetize the Skill

This is actually the hardest part of the whole thing. Once you’ve identified the skills you need to sell, you then have to monetize the skill. Monetizing means selling your skills to people who might need them.

Your employer pays you to use your skill in the workplace, so why can’t you utilize your skills and work for yourself?

There are several places you can use your skill to make money; places like

– Clickbank
– Fiverr (click here to see my fiverr tricks)
– Gotranscript
– Amazon
– Aliexpress
– Upwork

There are several other places where you can actually make the money from the skills you have to offer.

Get the Information

The information is what you actually need to make the money. Most times when newbies come to me asking for how to start making money on the following channels, I tell them to take time and read about the business they are about going into.

A business will only be profitable for you when you have the right knowledge and information. This is where I actually come in to help. You can decide to start making money on these platforms – or choose not to make money on it at all.

Whichever option you go for, it won’t stop me from making my money. So it is up to you to start making money from these platforms. Because of the plenty requests, I have created a WhatsApp group to teach people how they can make money from all these platforms. So you can see the steps here.

Once you have the right information, I guarantee you that you will surely make money – even within 1 month of starting to sell on those platforms.

Creating a side income is the best way to survive this harsh economy, so what are you doing to live the life of your dreams? You can get started by visiting the link below for more information as to how to get started.


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